We started our techfest back in the year of 2014. Christening it Zealous, the techfest was absolutely just that, a big festival. It manifested itself to be an ideal platform for budding engineers to explore and exploit diverse talents in various spheres. And by the time, their time with Zealous was over they were not 'budding' engineers anymore they were more than halfway into being a full blossom. It more or less won every heart that was present. There was something for everyone.

Zealous was almost like a lovable beast, roaring in its magnificence, it left its sound in everyone's soul. Zealous proved itself to its name, proved to be the one for the for those who show their skills with absolute zeal. Zealous for its time alive had all sorts of stuff happening, you name it, it had it: interaction, sharing, brainstorming every ridiculous idea and making it almost like a modern-day Athens, the place of the Athena herself.


WOZ 2.0

The Wizards of ZEALOUS, a second installment of the previous year, the second of its many series is a three day event comprising of various workshops, adventure activities and cultural events.


Risus 1.0 is an Intercollege project presentation competition, that aims to find solutions to some of the problems faced by present day teenagers.


A role playing treasure hunt event based on the tamil movie “Ratsasan” using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


Problem solving is an essential hacker skill, but hackathon prioritizes the technical creativity to bring out the best of all solutions. The goal of hackathon is to create solution for an everyday problem.

Code Indietro

The output file and the input format will be given. The participants have to figure out the logic, they will have to figure out the logic in the reverse way by trying various outputs from given file and after figuring out the logic, they will have to write an efficient algorithm to pass all the test cases.

Developer's Date

A team of young female coder and male coder together to rack something more impenetrable within an epoch of 6hrs.

Blind C

The participants will have to code with the MONITORS switched OFF.


An individual decryption event where theparticipants decode the given questions.

Quadra 2.0

The way you enter, the way you proceed, the way you reveal your speed to others beings here at the enthralling event of “Quadra 2.0”. It provides you a track for the open your enthusiasm for the rush to win with your bot’s. The fast speeds, tight turns, and exciting collisions in our hot wheels on track takes place. It is the event where you to get to test the efficiency and power, skills of your droid/robot, organized by CEC under the banner of “Techno-cultural Fest, Zealous

Master Winder

Master Winder is a competition where contestants go head to in hand winding a transformer under a given time. The transformers will be evaluated based on output voltage and heat generation. The person winding the best transformer will be awarded the first prize.


Individuals are required to capture silhouette type images of a person, animal, object or scene. The best image selected according to the theme specifications and rules will be awarded.
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