Senate is the supreme student body of the college. All activities of students and student organisations are sponsored by the Senate.The Senate has two elected representatives from each class.

The Senate shall be called the "College of Engineering Cherthala Senate". It comprises of two bodies viz., The General Body and the Executive Committee. The General body consists of all members of the executive committee and all other elected members.

A. Objectives

  • To train the students of the college in their duties, responsibilities and rights.
  • To promote opportunities for personality development , leadership, knowledge and the spirit of service among the students.
  • To organize debates, seminars, Group Discussions, work squads, tours etc.
  • To encourage sports ,arts and other social ,cultural and recreational activities.

B. Membership

The members of the Senate shall be elected by and from among the students of the College. There shall be, one member elected from each class and one memebr each representing the lady students, elected by and from among the lady students each year.

C. Term

The tenure of office of the College Senate shall be one academic year that is from August 1 to July 31.

D. Associations

a. The College may have one or more Associations subordinated to the College Senate. According to different subjects taught in the College or necessitated by the circumstances in the College, and a student can be a member of one or more associations, depending on his subjects of study.

b. The College senate may also organize various forums or clubs.

E. Executive Committee

1. The Chairman

2. The Vice-Chairman

3. The General Secretary

4. The Treasurer

5. The Editor of the College Magazine

6. The Secretary of Sports

7. The Arts Club Secretary

8. The Staff Advisor (Ex-Officio)

9. The Principal (Ex-Officio)

If any of the elected office bearers of the College Senate fails to execute his duties, a member of the Executive Committee or Senate shall be nominated by the principal on the recommendation of the Executive Committee to act in his place.

F. The Chairman

The Chairman shall be elected by the Senate Members. The post of the Chairman is reserved for the final year students. The Chairman shall preside over all meetings and other functions of the Senate and regulate and control the meetings. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall preside over the meetings. If both the senate Chairman and Vice-Chairman are absent, the members shall elect one among themselves as the Chairman of the meeting.

G. The Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman shall be a lady student nominated by the 3rd year Senate members. In the case of more than one nomination, the Senate shall elect one of the nominees. The Vice Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman in his absence or as per the request of the Chairman.

H. General Secretary

The General Secretary shall be elected by the Senate members of the college. This post is reserved for the pre-final year students. He shall issue notices for meetings and functions of the Senate and keep the minutes and shall generally be in charge of the conduct of all Senate activities. The General  Secretary shall take steps to carry out the decisions of the Executive Committee and shall be the custodian of all the records relation to the Senate.

I. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be elected by the senate members. He shall be a 1st year student of the College.

J. The Magazine Editor

The editor of the College Magazine shall be elected by the Senate members. He shall be a 2nd year  student of the College. The Editor shall be responsible for the publication of the College Magazine. There shall be an Editorial Board to help the editor in the discharge of his duties. The Editorial Board shall be prescribed by the Editor and must be approved by the Senate.

K. The Arts Club Secretary

The Arts Club Secretary shall be directly elected by and from among the Senate members. It shall be his duty to organize activities for promoting the artistic talents of the College.

L. The Secretary for Sports

The Secretary for sports shall be elected by and from among the Senate members of the College. He shall organize activities in the field of sports and games.

M. Staff Advisor senate

The principal nominates a senior member of the teaching staff of the College as the Staff Advisor of the College Senate. The staff advisor shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive committee without voting power.

N. Meetings

a. The Senate shall meet at least once in a month. For all ordinary meeting there shall be a notice of 3 clear days. Quorum of the meeting shall be not less than one-half of the total numbers of the members.

b. The Senate shall take decisions by a simple majority of its meetings and the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

O. Functioning

a. The Senate itself shall formulate the general policy and also guide its activities. IT shall prepare at the beginning of each academic year an annual financial estimate for all activities of the Senate and subordinate associations or clubs.

b. The Senate shall endeavor to organize a student's Center to promote club activities like indoor games, photographic clubs, hobby clubs and so on. The principal may allocate a separate room for Senate Office.

c. The Senate is empowered to appoint University Union Councilor and the University Senate Member from among the students of the College.

d. In all matters concerned with the College Senate the final decision rests with the Senate Executive Committee but an appeal shall lie to the Principal where there is a dispute.

The senate members for the academic year 2015-16 are:

Senate Advisor Shri. Priyakumar T.N.
Chairman Varun P.C. S7 EEE
Vice Chairman Angeline Ninu S7 EEE
General Secretary Jeffin Jacob S5 CS A
Arts Club Secretary Biju Mohan K.C. S5 EC B
Sports Club Secretary Eby K.G. S3 CS B
Magazine Editor Reshma Suresh S3 CSB
Treasurer Aswin Kumar S. S3 EEE